Sexual harassment, suicide, and homeschooling

The following letter was written by a courageous girl who overcame bullying, sexual harassment, and suicidal thoughts. She wants to help prevent suicide by sharing her story.

Two years ago, I told my mom on multiple occasions that I was ill and didn’t want to go to school. I became so nervous, I actually made myself sick by throwing up everything I ate. It got so nasty, I didn’t want to leave the house, go anywhere, or be seen. I had panic attacks every time I left our home.

One morning, my mom made me get ready for school. When we got there, I had a panic attack. I told myself to be strong, and that everything would be fine even though it wouldn’t be easy. Mom looked at me and said, “Why don’t you want to go to school?” Then the truth came out.

I was sexually harassed at school.

We reported it to the school officials, and it was swept under the carpet as if it never happened. But it did happen and I was in the worst emotional pain. For months, I asked, “Why me?”

Mom had to hold me while I cried to her for hours. Having it happen to me was hard, but the worst part was that the people I was supposed to trust – the school administration – ignored the fact that it happened.

I suffered depression that almost led me to kill myself.

Thankfully, I have an amazing family, one that is willing to get me sushi and junk food at 3 A.M. A family that’ll talk to me in a closet, hold me, and let me cry.

I’ve had people judge me and tell me I should “Be the light in the darkness,” but they didn’t know why I left school.
Many people were against my decision to be homeschooled, because I needed to “Be a light!” While I tried to be the light, I was tormented and in pain.

I didn’t feel important because my situation was dismissed. I thought it would be easier to take my life.

People ask me if I’ll ever come back to that school, but why would I want to return to a school system that ignored the fact that I was sexually harassed?

My mom said I could take it to the police or to the Lord. I chose the Lord, who has suffered all pains and afflictions.
If you are suffering from depression, sexual harassment, suicidal thoughts or any affliction, take it to the Lord.

But don’t be like me and wait until the last possible moment

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