When Girls Are Bullied for Their Goodness with Alexa Rosdahl

This week’s guest, Alexa Rosdahl, is an accomplished college student. She had that same drive in high school.

“Busy” doesn’t begin to describe her. She was also a Young Ambassador for one of my nonprofits. She inspired hundreds at our Civility Ends Bullying rallies.

Alexa candidly talks with Rhonda about a vicious group-mentality bullying incident.

When she ran for a student-council position, she was required by her high school to post a campaign ad on YouTube.

She did. Then came the nasty comments. Hundreds of them.

Alexa said, “never in a million years” did she think she’d experience the kind of horrid sexual bullying that showed up on her YouTube video.

She reported it to her advisor and principal. But they refused to help her and her parents.

Find out how she dealt with the aftermath.

Article: Why are YouTube comments the worst on the internet?

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