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Once a month, Rhonda Orr, an award-winning corporate trainer, speaker, columnist, and founder of two nonprofits dealing with bullying and abuse, interviews a guest about bullying, leadership, and escaping victimhood. Using her Triangle of Triumph™ program, which illustrates the path from Victim to Survivor to Leader, she helps Moms and their daughters learn to define themselves before others do and how to end bullying with civility. 

This show will make you laugh, cry, and teach you things about bullying you never knew. For instance, how bully fatigue is affecting the way parents and children face bullying, why the pain of being ostracized is so great, and why saying “just kidding” does not make bullying and abuse okay. We’re helping change our culture to one of civility by eliminating bullying.

rhonda with three young girlsRhonda’s definition of civility is to be caring, considerate, and courteous.  

Learn how to choose not to stay a victim, what the journey of being a survivor is about, how to define yourself as a survivor using the 5Cs (Civility, Confidence, Courage, Creativity, and Communication) as well as how to become an empowered leader.

YOU can help create civility for a new generation and end bullying once and for all by spreading the message of this podcast.

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