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Rhonda is an inspiring speaker who will captivate your audience, large or small!

Rhonda’s passion and mission are to end bullying and create a more civil culture.

She accomplishes this by sharing her substantive Triangle of Triumph program, which illustrates her journey from Victim to Survivor to Leader. While her focus has been primarily on moms and their daughters, she welcomes the opportunity to guide your organization to successfully change your teams, your people, and especially, culture, to one of magnificent civility.

Rhonda begins by explaining how to define yourself before others do. Once that’s done, she shares how to focus on others rather than ourselves and do the things that matter the most in a civil society: first, creating healthy relationships and second, providing service. Not the “raking Grandma’s leaves” kind of service, but to be caring, considerate, and courteous (yes, that means manners!) types of being, giving, and sharing.

Real-Life Experiences

When Rhonda tells her unique story of severe abuse and bullying, which made her appreciate simple truths and discovered her gems of victory, you’ll be captivated.  She delivers valuable insights such as: People don’t choose to become a victim, but must choose not to stay a victim, and people don’t become victims just to get attention, however, wanting attention means someone needs the right kind of attention.

Through a lifetime of unfortunate adversarial circumstances and being ostracized, she has gained buckets of empathy and empowerment, as well as a strong desire to show others the way out of the pain of victimhood.

The depth and breadth of Rhonda’s dynamic program require critical thinking on an elevated level that Rhonda instills in others. She guides them through the realization that our society’s difficulties demand more than trite bumper-sticker sentiments like “Be Kind.”

Rhonda’s energy will inspire you to do more than survive, or just exist, through her 5Cs: Civility, Confidence, Courage, Creativity, and Communication. This is the meat and potatoes of her Triangle program.

Some of Rhonda’s most popular topics are gaslighting, bullycide, bully fatigue, and the fact that bullies need help, too.

A highlight of her teaching style is her participatory, fun, and creative activities, even using these tools in webinars.

A Lifetime of Presenting Ideas

Writing, producing, and implementing numerous industrial videos and headlining speaking engagements led Rhonda to senior management positions such as Director of Education, Vice President, and Senior Vice President of multi-million-dollar companies. She was a corporate spokesperson, appearing on TV and radio shows around the country.

She was pleased to be chosen as a speaker for organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Boys & Girls Clubs, Girls Inc., and has presented at boarding schools, juvenile detention schools, and many other schools, organizations, clubs, and companies.

Global companies have awarded her accolades for writing, producing, and platform-speaking skills, as an executive trainer. Rhonda’s concise and incisive style led to recognition and honors.

But she is most proud to have been the founder of two 501(C)3 nonprofits, the first in 1993 in California, and a second in 2013 in Arizona that focused on understanding and ending bullying and child abuse.

Rhonda’s Ready to Entertain and Educate Your Group

Most importantly, however, Rhonda’s moving stories and uplifting attitude, honed over twenty-five years of professional speaking, will show you how to tear down the harmful facades of bullying and abuse and find truthful and purposeful ways, through her Triangle of Triumph leadership programs, to build a valiant, civil, and loving culture.

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