About Rhonda

Rhonda was a life coach before life coaching was cool.

Rhonda Orr hosts “BullyBuster,” a podcast in which she interviews guests from around the nation who battle bullying and abuse utilizing her Triangle of Triumph™ program. The Triangle illustrates the journey from Victim to Survivor to Leader.

She partners with the Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter in Northern Arizona to speak and train her programs. She also serves as a keynote photo of rhondaspeaker/ program developer/ trainer for many organizations and clubs, notably, the Boys and Girls Club, Girls Inc, Girl Scouts, as well as public and private schools – including juvenile detention schools (where she is also a mediator and mentor) and all-therapeutic, all-girls boarding schools. She even teaches a program she developed for pre-school children called DramaPlay which includes positive behavioral patterns and expression.

Rhonda was born in Winslow, Arizona. However, she and her family moved frequently throughout the United States, causing Rhonda to go to five high schools while skipping her junior year. Being the new kid at school subjected her to repeated bullying and shame.

Rhonda experienced sexual abuse from age three to nine, and not knowing how to choose to not stay a victim, she began her long journey through the triangle. Having been sent to a finishing school at 15 years old, she learned about how to be a speaker using presentation and relationship-building skills. Starting at age 16, she was chosen to be a youth columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer. She was also a speaker on her high school debate team. In college, Rhonda was a psychology major.

As an adult, Rhonda became a columnist for the Arizona Republic and local newspapers, writing the weekly Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri, which explored solutions to readers’ problems regarding bullying, abuse, and social ills.

Rhonda’s skill in writing, speaking, and training allowed her to become a corporate trainer, where she developed and implemented programs, products, tools, and over 40 training videos. Eventually, she rose through management and became an award-winning leader as a Senior Vice President. She parlayed those skills into creating programs for her two 501 (c) 3 nonprofits: S.T.O.P. Child Abuse Theatrical Organization and Productions in 1993 where she raised funds and awareness for existing charities like Children of the Night (child prostitution) and Kidspeace (child abuse housing). Then in 2013, Rhonda created her second nonprofit, Rhonda’s STOP BULLYING Foundation for Girls, through which she ran Civility Leadership Academies and Civility Ends Bullying programs.

Rhonda has been a member of Yavapai County’s CCRT (Coordinated Community Response Team) to help educate and stop domestic violence and sex trafficking. She has also been a speaker at Hope Fest and Teen Maze, events that educate teens on topics like STDs, pregnancy, alcohol and drugs, bullying, and abuse.

Rhonda, who lives in Pasadena, California, is very passionate and has buckets of empathy for children, having been a working single mom for her miracle son. She chose all the wrong men until her loving journalist husband came along.

Rhonda’s mission in life is to mentor children and end bullying with civility.