Developing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Organizations with Greg Jenkins

Today, I’m happy to introduce you to Greg Jenkins, who’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!

I’m thankful for his military service stateside and in Germany, South Korea, and combat duty in in Iraq.

Greg was chosen to serve in the U.S. Army’s Diversity Task Force at the Pentagon, where he developed and helped establish the Army’s Diversity program, train to it, and master it for many organizations, corporations, and Department of Defense levels.

Greg continues to thrive with his own business within the arena of DEI or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, with his firm, Greg Jenkins Consulting.

Greg’s Bio:

Greg Jenkins is a dedicated and passionate consultant, practitioner and life-long learner. Greg completed a successful 28+ year US Army career that ranged from overseas duties in Germany, South Korea, and combat duty in Iraq to include several stateside assignments culminating in Washington D.C. While serving in uniform Greg’s performance leading Military Equal Opportunity efforts resulted in developing a model program for other US Army Equal Opportunity and human relations advisors.

His performance further resulted in his selection to the Army’s Diversity Task Force at the Pentagon, which helped to establish the Army’s Diversity program, policies and products. He was instrumental in the planning and execution the Army’s Diversity marketing campaign achieving world-wide coverage for the Army’s 1.4M Soldiers, Civilians, and their family members. Greg has directly served and represented senior executive leaders at the local, state, corporate and Department of Defense levels.

His work with various organizations, along with educational and community leaders resulted in improved civic relationships, shared knowledge, and higher performance. Greg is an experienced facilitator who has provided training, facilitation and oversight for thousands of attendees ensuring quality and relevant Equal Opportunity, Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership training and education for mid, senior and executive level managers and leaders.

Now after successfully completing his Army career, Greg continues to provide high performance facilitation, instruction, research and analytics, strategy, curriculum development and delivery. As a private consultant Greg provides facilitation to various government agencies including the VA, USDA, US Army, National Guard and various corporate clients and partners. Greg achieved a MA in Human Resources Development from Webster University, and he is a published author and passionate volunteer who actively mentors and provides executive coaching for business professionals, US Military service members and veterans.

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