Fighting Fire – and Sexual Assault – with Abby Bolt

Today, we talk with a woman who is the very definition of power and yet, is also the very needed woman of today. She has empathy and the courage to help others who have suffered.

Abby Bolt was, for over 20 years, a wildland firefighter.

She started her career on an elite Hotshot Crew.

She continued on, becoming a helicopter rappeller, Engine Captain, and moved up the chain of command to battalion chief.  Abby fought and managed fire beside the best of the best in the industry.

But then, Abby was raped by a firefighter who was not a member of her team. Someone who should have had her back.

Her trust in leadership quickly went up in flames as she found she needed to be her own advocate. She began to hear from others in the same situation.

Today, she produces two podcasts –one to get the word out about mistreatment of employees in the fire service, and a second to celebrate women’s achievements.

Resource: Statistics About Sexual Violence