When Being Different Equals Being Bullied with Annie Mayo

This week on episode #4, Annie Mayo, an award-winning President and founder of Advanced Mineral Makeup since 2009, talks about being different and how that equals being bullied.

Annie attended a very strict Catholic school where wearing a uniform usually means having automatic protection from bullies, because the students are not differentiated by socio-economic norms, fashion ideologies, and sometimes religion, to name a few status issues in public schools that cause bullying.

Unless … there are other differences (I was bullied just for being new from moving all the time). And in Annie’s case, she and her girlfriend were very tall and thin. In today’s culture, that’s still a dream for many girls – to look like a fashion model. But it was simply “weird,” which is what was said, in her time.

Annie talks about the vicious whispering, gossiping, and the years of hurt that caused her self-worth to be put into question.

This week, Annie addresses victimhood in her childhood and parenting differences between then and now. Plus, how she’s facing bullying in today’s culture, simply because of her success and beauty today.

That reasoning, goes against all the empowerment platforms that are preached in today’s society, but not yet practiced enough, along with civility which means be caring, considerate and have courtesy. Civility ends bullying!

Article: Being different: Correlates of the experience of teasing and bullying at age 11