Bullying in the Workplace with Marilyn Huffman

If you’ve ever been bullied at work, you’ll want to hear my guest today.

Marilyn Huffman has worked at the Better Business Bureau for nine years. She’s the director for the Pacific Southwest region.

Marilyn provides support and education as President of the Professional Women’s Group in her territory.

She’s an inspiration to women facing on-the-job bullying from women.

Statistics show that woman-on-woman bullying is 65% more common than woman-on-man bullying.

Having been bullied at a couple of places during her career, she’s gained great empathy for many women like herself.

Those women who need to learn the right and tricky way to approach this pervasive problem. Bullying by a boss causes fears to take over – like needing your job to pay bills, feeling undermined, overwhelmed by condescending bosses and sometimes your peers and subordinates, and walking on eggshells because, evidently, you are doing everything wrong.

Our discussion on Bullying in the Workplace will surprise you. We’ll talk about options and ideas to resolve the bullying situations you may be facing or could face in the future.

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