Courage with Rene Johnson

On BullyBuster episode 13, I’m lucky to have the founder and CEO of Power Zone Coaching, René Johnson. She is also a founder and former director of domestic violence for Sheroes United. René has authored books, magazine articles, and been a featured guest on CNN and elsewhere.

As a certified and leading international speaker, her own story of courage has helped her influence thousands of people around the world. She invites you to learn how to stay out of your comfort zones to become part of the civility solution.

We’re talking a lot about courage, today (which is one of our 5cs besides Civility, Confidence, Creativity, and Communication). I have to tell you, René is one courageous person! I can’t wait for you to hear her story about necessary risk-taking. You’ll laugh and cry with us as she encourages you to become a change factor in your own life.

Bio Info:

René Johnson is the founder and CEO of Power Zone Coaching, a strategic leadership company developed from over 25 years’ experience of turning struggling or stuck businesses into the vehicle necessary to achieve their profit and legacy goals. By embracing her proven leadership strategies, clients not only meet their business targets, but they also improve their quality of life and make a more significant difference in the world through their influence. René is a role model for claiming one’s Power Zone and is passionate about serving other leaders to find and embrace theirs.

René’s passion stems from her personal story, one of courage and defining moments, which led to her life calling of helping others find their voice and more profound personal power to make significant changes. She is a co-founder and past director of domestic violence for SHEROES United, an international non-profit focused on radiating violence against women, helping thousands of survivors to become a shero in their own life.

Having successfully advanced thousands of leaders, René is an internationally recognized leadership coach and business education provider. An ICF-Accredited, Certified Empowerment Coach, author of the top-selling leadership publication “Leaving Your Comfort Zone: How to Lead Your Life from the Power Zone!“, and her forthcoming book entitled “Leadership, Why?” An accomplished motivational speaker, she has inspired many audiences – corporate, private and non-profit communities – with presentations about her passions to become the leader she is today and instructional content on her Power Zone Principles.™

In René’s rare spare time, she loves to be active and spend quality time with her friends, daughters, and adorable grandkids. Connect with René Johnson — join her social media communities listed on her site.