Fighting Bullies with Bobby Kipper

I first met today’s guest, Bobby Kipper, when he brought his film, Bully Fighters, to Arizona schools a couple of years back.

We served on a panel together discussing this issue and his Green Zone program. You’ll find out today what that program is and many others that Bobby has developed.

Bobby’s journey began with a 26-year career in the Newport News, Virginia Police Department. He went on to serve as the Director of the Gang Reduction Program for the Virginia Attorney General.

Bobby founded the National Center for Prevention of Community Violence. He won the FBI’s Director’s award for fighting crime.

With four decades of experience fighting crime and implementing programs, he has some strong opinions on keeping schools and communities safe, Education on bullying, and public safety. He’ll talk about why the “De-fund the police” movement is misguided.

Bobby’s Bio

Bobby Kipper is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author with over four decades of experience in both the public and private sector. Bobby’s journey began with a successful 26-year career with the Newport News Virginia Police Department. Following his local law enforcement service, he served as the Director of the Gang Reduction Program for the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia. He went on to start a successful national consulting company focusing on training and technical assistance for both public and private industry.

In 2009 Bobby founded the National Center for Prevention of Community Violence which currently serves communities and schools across America in an effort to interrupt the process of violence through proven solutions. Bobby’s efforts have been recognized by local, state, and national leaders for his consistent approach to positive community change at the public and private levels.

He has been awarded the FBI Director’s award for the Fight Against Crime in America as well as he was recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Law Enforcement on three separate occasions. His work has been featured on: CSPAN, National Public Radio, Fox News Network, MSNBC, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and a number of local and regional media outlets. Bobby has served as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Memphis and the University of North Florida.

He is called to provide keynote and conference presentations both nationally and internationally and his current bestselling book “Performance Driven Thinking” is being highlighted as a pathway for improving performance in public and private organizations across America.