Being Kind with Shelly Elsliger

I’m grateful to have the founder of the #DecideToBeKind movement, Shelly Elsliger, as my guest today.

Shelly’s from Toronto, Canada, and you’re going to want to hear her story of bullying from her childhood. The way she was bullied is the number-one reason children and women are bullied.  But she definitely got her voice back.

She’s decided to start her kindness movement as a leading International Coach Federation  Trainer for Linked-In on Social Media.

Like many on Linked-In, I was bullied there and dropped it for a while.

Shelly is an agent of positivity for making teens and adults have a safe, exciting, and positive place to “meet.”

In fact, she also coaches high school teens while wearing a red cape. She shows them how to maneuver, manage, and stop bullying, especially on Linked-in, where it’s necessary for Teens to learn protocols and manners. She also trains college students at the University of Toronto.