What is Bullyology? with Jessica Hickman

Today on BullyBuster episode 16, I’m thrilled to have as my guest Jessica Hickman – Born in Wales and now living in Australia, where she was subjected to severe workplace bullying.

And, get this, Jessica was in Human Resources in the tough oil and gas industry. She was creating safer work environments for her employees and dealing with a high rate of suicide within her community.

Jessica not only filed one or two reports of the vicious bullying she encountered from her own boss, she actually submitted over 30 reports about the awful bullying and abuse.

She stayed at her job because of visa restrictions and the fear that her employees would be left to deal with similar things.

However, as Jessica puts it in her book, The Bullyologist – Breaking the Silence on Bullying,  she “chose not to stay a victim,” the beginning part of our program’s Triangle of Triumph.  She turned “fear into fuel.”

She’s in global high demand as a keynote speaker, workshop educator and running training seminars. She founded a professional anti-bullying methodology, for her company, Bullyology.

Here’s her website.  

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Jessica’s Biography

Jessica has been running culture-focused workshops in Australia since 2013, and previously ran a number of highly successful training programs for local government in the UK. She founded Bullyology in 2017 and is the author of Bullyology: Breaking the Silence on Bullying. Jessica has more than fifteen years’ experience as a results-driven workshop facilitator and has provided training and professional talks in the U S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

As the founder of Bullyology® and Upstand Academy™ Jessica delivers practical solutions for workplaces, with expertise across multiple industries in Public and Private Sector.

Jessica is an in-demand speaker at business conferences, leadership workshops, charity fundraisers and corporate events, providing targeted keynote addresses on subjects that include workplace bullying, gender equality, corporate culture, mental health, resilience and more.